No Signs That Any NFL Team Will Sign Colin Kaepernick This Year

The way things look right now, Colin Kaepernick’s biggest accomplishment as an NFL player will be taking a knee during the anthem.

According to the latest reports, few if any NFL franchises have any interest in signing Kaepernick as either their starting or backup QB.

Liberal Media Trying to Find Kaepernick a Job

That, however, is not stopping the liberal media from trying to find him a job.

Earlier this week, the Miami New Times tried to make a case for the polarizing QB.

“It’s truly embarrassing for the NFL, and the Dolphins individually, that Kaepernick – a young, strong, and mobile quarterback who led a team to the Super Bowl only a few years ago – doesn’t get as much as a workout or phone call, while a guy like Mike Glennon gets an $8 million deal in an offseason after the Bears gave him $18.5 million to win one game and get benched for a rookie,” MNT author Ryan Yousefi wrote.

The Washington Post also ran a story to support Kaepernick’s hiring

The Post suggest he be hired more or less because of his “socially progressive stand.”

Would that be the stand where he wore pigs dressed up as cops on his socks or his Fidel Castro t-shirt?

Networks Taking Up Kaepernick’s Case Too

Sadly, print publications are not the only media taking up for the failed QB.

Recently, ESPN ran a story suggesting that Kaepernick would be a perfect fit in Oakland.

Amazingly, it was not because of his actual skills as a QB, but rather due to the fact that Kaepernick is “athletic.”

Reality Sucks

The reality of the situation is Kaepernick lost what little magic he had when he led the 49ers to a Super Bowl.

With more tape on him, coaches forced him to beat them with his arm, and he was unable to do so.

When he was given the opportunity to start after his injury, he led the 49ers to a 2-6 record on the strength of a 59.0 completion percentage.

In 2016, he went 1-10 as a starter with a 59.2 completion percentage.

In 2016, that ranked him 26th in the league. Assuming like statistics would have happened in 2017, he would have been ahead of only four QBs in the league, all players that will undoubtedly either be released, third stringers, or designated to practice squads this season.

The fact is, he simply is no longer good or even just bad, he is flat out awful.

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If this were any other QB in the league, nobody would be saying a word about it. But because he knelt for the anthem and brought up race at every opportunity, he is a media darling.

Sorry, Colin, but the time has come for you to hang up those cleats and find another profession, because chances are you will never see the gridiron again.

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