White House says no corroboration of allegations in FBI’s Kavanaugh report

Get ready for the eruption, because the FBI findings on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are reportedly in.

According to several sources, the White House has reviewed the FBI report from the supplemental investigation into Brett Kavanaugh and the agency has found no corroborating evidence to support the allegations.

Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah announced via Twitter that, having reviewed the final report, “the White House is fully confident the Senate will vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.”

The Report

Most expected the FBI to wrap this investigation up rather quickly, and that is exactly what the agency did.

The investigation was given the green light to expand as needed, but they were still unable to come up with anything to support Ford’s claims.

Even Sen. Susan Collins said, who was on the fence about Kavanaugh, said, “It appears to be a very thorough investigation.” Sen. Jeff Flake, the Republican who conditioned his vote on the additional investigation, also reportedly said, “We’ve seen no additional corroborating information.”

As expected, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has submitted his cloture filing.

The final vote for Kavanaugh is now expected to take place at some point on Saturday.

Ford’s Team Upset

As expected, Ford’s legal team is extremely upset over the findings. Keep in mind, they were the ones that demanded an additional investigation in the first place.

Now that the results are unlikely to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Ford’s team is accusing the FBI of conducting a sham investigation, hinting the agency was never really interested in finding the actual truth in this case.

This, from the team that has still refused to provide key evidence to the Senate investigators, including Ford’s therapy notes and polygraph charts.

Ford’s testimony, as it stands, is not enough. Yes, she was emotional, but that was about it.

As noted by the prosecutor that questioned her during the hearing, there are far too many inconsistencies in her story to consider it credible.

This is not about the myriad of things she does not remember, either, but rather what she does remember. It seems like virtually every time Ford tells her story, she gives different details of the events she does remember. Experts have also chimed in saying the things she says she forgets are unlikely for a victim of trauma.

Adding to Ford’s problems are recent reports that her friends may have pressured a key witness into modifying her statements. Ford also was accused of perjuring herself by an ex-boyfriend, who alleged in a sworn statement that Ford had coached a friend for a polygraph in the past — something Ford had strongly denied ever doing when she testified to the Senate.

As time goes by, her story isn’t getting any stronger.

Vote won’t end protests

Now, everyone better get ready and dig in for the aftermath of this vote.

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Democrats will cry from the rooftops about injustice and their liberal followers will flow into the streets and tear their respective cities apart.

Kavanaugh will likely now be confirmed, but the drama is far from over.

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