No cameras captured surveillance footage of reported Jeffrey Epstein suicde

As the details of the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein continue to pour in, the waters only get muddier and muddier.

According to numerous reports, video surveillance of one of the most high-profile cases in recent memory does not exist, but it gets much worse.

No Surveillance Footage

Considering the stature of the case as well as the possible implications throughout the political world, it would have made sense for authorities to put surveillance cameras on Epstein.

That, however, did not happen. While the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) does have surveillance cameras, they only show the outside of the cells to capture people walking in and out of the cells.

Because of this, there is absolutely no footage of what happened in Epstein’s cell.

Guards Neglecting Duty

Conspiracy theories are already running wild, but they are only going to get worse once this next piece of information makes its way through the news cycle.

Guards are supposed to make a pass by the cells every 30 minutes. If the prisoner is on suicide watch, that pass is supposed to occur every 15 minutes.

According to the latest reports, those scheduled passes did not occur on the overnight shift prior to Epstein being found dead.

Investigations have already uncovered that these guards were overworked and the facility was understaffed, which may have been the reasons the regular checks were not conducted.

However, the fact these checks were not done on this specific night, the fact that Epstein had tried to commit suicide only days before he was taken off the suicide watch list, along with a lack of surveillance only feeds the theories.

This is the perfect storm for a conspiracy to have Epstein either be killed or be nudged to commit suicide.

Attorney General William Barr has already announced an investigation into this matter. Additionally, the autopsy has been completed, but the coroner’s office is holding back its findings, only adding more fuel to the conspiracy theory fire.

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