Ninth Circuit judge approved despite opposition from Feinstein, Harris

The Republican-dominated Senate vowed to fill open judicial appointments with Trump’s conservative nominations and they are delivering.

One of the most recent confirmations, Kenneth Lee, has infuriated both California senators, as he did not get a blue slip approval from either of them.

No More Games

Democrats are playing games in office right now and the country is paying for it.

At last count, there were more than 100 judicial appointments to be filled, yet they remain empty because Democrats are no longer basing approval on a candidate’s qualifications.

If they did, Kenneth Lee would have been a unanimous vote.

Lee is a native of South Korea, something both Feinstein and Harris should find appealing, as he would add more diversity to our judicial system.

He is also a very well-respected and accomplished attorney.

That should be two out of two, but it gets even better.

Lee has previously worked in the capacity of Special Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee.

That would appear to make him more than qualified for the position, right?

Not according to Senators Harris and Feinstein, who refused to give Lee their blue slip of approval.

Right-Wing Accusations

While Republicans defend Lee’s character and talent, Democrats are working hard to discredit the man.

Senator Feinstein has accused him of operating “far outside the legal mainstream.”

Her claim, of course, is ridiculous.

She would have been far better off just telling the truth; Lee has conservative ideals, and that upsets both she and Harris.

To this point, the circuit courts have been packed with liberals.

We have seen proof of this virtually every time a Trump policy faces legal a legal challenge.

The scales of justice need to be balanced, and people like Lee are going to go a long way to ensuring that happens.

So far, Trump has had more than three dozen judicial appointments approved, but there is still a LOT of work to be done.

Now that Republicans in the Senate have decided to go nuclear, we can expect to see a lot more appointments like Lee.

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