NIH head backtracks on ‘garbled’ remarks urging parents to wear masks while at home

National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins issued a chilling recommendation to American parents this week.

In a statement on Tuesday, he advised parents with unvaccinated children to wear masks around them — even at home. The resulting backlash led to his decision to backtrack on that guidance a short time later.

“No need to mask at home”

“Let me clarify the masking message that I garbled this morning,” he said in reference to a CNN interview. “Vaccinated parents who live in communities with high COVID transmission rates should mask when out in public indoor settings to minimize risks to their unvaccinated kids.”

He went on to reiterate his point: “No need to mask at home.”

Of course, he did not mention evidence showing that COVID-19 transmission among children remains low when spreading the federal government’s latest message on mask use among vaccinated individuals.

During an interview earlier in the day, Collins advised parents to “be thoughtful” and wear a mask inside their own homes.

“I know that’s uncomfortable,” he acknowledged. “I know it seems weird, but it is the best way to protect your kids.”

America’s shifting sentiments

In response, Americans made it clear that they did not intend to abide by such a strict advisory. Meanwhile, otherwise healthy children still represent an incredibly small number of the overall hospitalizations and deaths attributed to the pandemic virus.

Bureaucrats like Collins continue to sound the alarm, however, even as a growing number of Americans clamor for a return to normal.

Along with chief White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, the ongoing public health crisis has promoted Collins into the national spotlight, meaning such figures could have a perverse incentive to prolong pandemic fears for as long as possible.

Millions of Americans have begun to see the government’s battle against COVID-19 as more of a power grab than a public health campaign.

Although the available vaccines have saved countless lives, it is clear that even that breakthrough will not bring the COVID-19 infection rate down to zero. That fact gives the Biden administration and bureaucrats at all levels the freedom to demand more mask mandates, lockdowns, and centralized power.

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