NFL quarterback Andrew Luck shocks with retirement announcement

It’s always sad to see a fantastic talent struck down by injury. Andrew Luck, star quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, has decided to retire at the shockingly young age of 29.

Luck is more than 10 years younger than some of his peers. Injuries and the wear and tear took their toll, bringing up questions about the sustainability of football.

Injury-Plagued Career

Andrew Luck was an incredible talent when he was drafted. That college skill translated well to the NFL.

Luck was a successor to the legendary Peyton Manning in Indianapolis.

Unfortunately, the rest of the team wasn’t up to par. Luck spent hard years being beaten to pieces behind a bad offensive line.

Andrew Luck has a disturbingly long list of football-related injuries. From a torn abdomen and lacerated kidney to constant shoulder injuries and concussions.

The Colts star battled through all that to come back in 2018. He won the NFL comeback player of the year award.

The future looked bright for 2019, and many were excited to see what a healthy Luck could do.

Mentally Worn Down

Unfortunately, during the preseason, a calf issue came up that kept Luck off the field. This is what seemed to prompt his decision to call it quits, shocking the entire football world.

In his statement announcing the decision, he said “For the last four years or so, I’ve been in this cycle of injury, pain, rehab — injury, pain, rehab — and it’s been unceasing, unrelenting, both in-season and off-season”

“I felt stuck in it, and the only way I see out is to no longer play football. It’s taken my joy of this game away.”

Andrew Luck is 29. For comparison, Tom Brady is in his 40’s and Peyton Manning retired in his late 30’s. It’s sad to see such talent torn down by injury, but we wish Luck the best with his endeavors outside of football.

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