NFL great Brett Favre turns to Trump following welfare scandal

Axios reports that Brett Favre, the Hall of Fame National Football League (NFL) quarterback, has secured a Trump-connected attorney to represent him in the ongoing welfare-fund scandal.

That attorney is Eric Herschmann, one of the top White House attornies of President Donald Trump’s administration, who represented Trump during his first impeachment trial.

What’s going on?

Favre and others are currently facing a massive lawsuit from the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

The lawsuit, in part, has to do with the funding for a volleyball arena that was built at the University of Southern Mississippi. This is the university from which Favre graduated and for which his daughter played volleyball.

It has been discovered that the money for this arena came from funding set aside for welfare, and, further, it appears that Favre was pivotal in making this happen.

This has been suggested by text messages that have been revealed. One text message, for example, shows Favre asking Nancy New – the head of the nonprofit from where the welfare funding came – “if you were to pay me is there any way the media can find out where it came from and how much?”

This welfare-fund scandal is much larger than this single incident. Some have even gone to jail over it. But, so far, Favre is only facing this civil lawsuit.

Favre’s new counsel

Herschmann has now confirmed that he will be Favre’s leading attorney going forward.

“I only agreed to represent Brett Favre after I did my independent due diligence and was convinced that he did nothing wrong,” Herschmann said. “Brett enthusiastically tried to help his alma mater, a public university, that needed and wanted his help.”

“To be clear,” Herschmann added, “Brett had no idea that welfare funds were being used or that others were involved in illegal conduct.”

Axios reports that “Herschmann and Favre were connected by mutual friends,” but it is not clear who these “mutual friends” are. There are even questions about whether it was Trump himself.

Favre, ahead of the 2020 presidential election, did come out in support of Trump. Favre, at the time, tweeted, “my vote is for what makes this country great.”

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