NFL free agent Robert Quinn arrested after bizarre hit-and-run incident

August 20, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

It feels like far too often, professional athletes, especially those in the NFL, end up in serious criminal trouble.

According to Fox News, that was evidenced once again last week as NFL free agent Robert Quinn was arrested in connection with a series of hit-and-run incidents that resulted in serious property damages.

The bizarre string of incidents unfolded in South Carolina, where Summerville police reported that multiple vehicles, a gate, and a light post were all damaged as a result of Quinn's hit-and-run situation.

Before leaving the scene, Quinn reportedly exited his vehicle and entered into an altercation with a woman.

What happened?

Police reported that a Ford F-150 truck had struck multiple vehicles and objects in a Summerville subdivision.

The department also noted that an empty whiskey bottle was discovered on the floorboard of the abandoned truck. Quinn reportedly fled the scene after the altercation with the woman.

The woman claims Quinn assaulted her when he exited the vehicle, but not before asking bizarre questions.

Fox News noted:

Per the police report, the unidentified woman was sitting in her driveway when the suspect hit two parked vehicles. The driver then exited the truck and offered to buy her beer, the woman told investigators.

At some point, the suspect "grabbed her by the shoulders" and said "listen to me" and "struck her across the face with an open hand."


The NFL free agent turned himself in to the Summerville Police Department on Friday, where he was booked and hit with serious charges.

Social media reacts

Quinn, who could have had a successful end to his 12-year career in the NFL, was charged Friday with "third-degree assault and battery, hit-and-run of an attended vehicle, four counts of hit-and-run property damage and striking fixtures on or adjacent to the highway," according to Fox.

Social media torched him for committing such dumb, avoidable crimes.

"Big addition to the NFL Alumni 2023 All-Arrest Team-- just added a big-time pass rusher," one X user wrote.

Another X user added, "Hit and run causing injury is a severe felony, in addition, each car struck and fled is an additional felony. In addition to being drunk or under some influence, which Carries an even steeper sentence. Combining that with the assault charge, he is easily going away for 6+months."

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