NFL coach Bowles shuts down woke reporters

Woke reporters didn’t get their way in a recent press conference with Todd Bowls, the National Football League (NFL) head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

According to the Daily Wire, woke reporters recently attempted to get Bowles to support their race agenda, but Bowles wasn’t having it. 

What’s going on?

This week, Bowles’s Buccaneers are facing off against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are coached by Mike Tomlin.

Both Bowles and Tomlin are Black men. And, they are two of the only Black head coaches in the NFL, if you keep track of such things – which you probably don’t.

With this in mind, at the press conference that was held on Tuesday, ahead of the game between the Bowles’s Buccaneers and Tomlin’s Steelers, reporters tried to make a storyline about race – about the league’s only Black head coaches facing off against each other.

Bowles: “We don’t look at color”

At the press conference, one reporter asked Bowles a series of race-related questions, including about the relationship he had with Tomlin, given that they are “two of the few black head coaches in the league.”

Bowles, though, was having none of it.

He replied:

I have a very good relationship with Tomlin. We don’t look at what color we are when we coach against each other. We just know each other. I have a lot of very good white friends that coach in this league as well. And, I don’t think it’s a big deal. As far as us coaching against each other, I think it’s normal . . . And, we coach ball. We don’t look at color.

After that, another reporter jumped in and essentially admonished Bowles for his response, saying, among other things, “you also understand that representation matters, too, right?”

“Well, when you say ‘see you guys’ and ‘look like them’ and ‘grow up like them,’ [that] means that we’re oddballs to begin with,” Bowles replied. “And, I think the minute you guys start — stop making a big deal about it, everybody else will as well.”

A breath of fresh air

These reporters are incorrigible. Until Americans put an end to this sort of woke nonsense – either with their votes or with their money – it’s not going to stop.

It certainly is refreshing to have someone in Bowles’s position not play along.

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