Newt Gingrich weighs in on Joe Biden’s assurance that he is ‘not going nuts’

Newt Gingrich was not shy about offering his thoughts on the 2020 race and its most prominent participant. Joe Biden has been having a bad few weeks in a very tight race.

Gingrich broke the heartbreaking news to Biden that even the former VP’s staunchest supporters may be doubting the soundness of his mind after a string of inexplicable gaffes. 

Strange Campaign Slogan

Biden offered a very unique explanation in response to his recent string of bewildering gaffes. He must have been clued in on the chatter that his mind may be slipping, deciding to tell voters in New Hampshire that he is “not going nuts.”

“Vote for Biden 2020, I’m not going nuts” is a strangely compelling slogan in light of the other Democrat candidates. If you hate Trump, but Marianne Williamson and Elizabeth Warren freak you out, vote for Biden.

Gingrich latched onto this when he said; “It may have been strangest campaign slogan ever.”

A strange campaign slogan for a strange campaign. Gingrich pointed out that now voters have to ask, then, if Biden isn’t going nuts, then what is he doing?

Endless Gaffes

Biden might actually want to lean into the narrative that he is going nuts. His gaffes are setting new standards in American politics.

Gone are the days of Romney’s “binders full of women.” The internet buzzed about that one for months, but Biden makes too many gaffes to keep up with these days. Right now, it’s all about mistaking Vermont for New Hampshire.

Even worse was his comparison of “poor kids” vs. “white kids.”

Joe Biden is sinking his campaign and has all but lost his huge advantage in the polls. Biden was once the only candidate of note on the Democrat side, but that is no longer the case.

Polls show that his gaffes are causing him to slip dramatically in voter support. The race between Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren is very close. Biden simply can’t afford the gaffes.

Joe Biden is the best chance the Democrats have to take the White House. Biden isn’t a radical socialist like Sanders or Warren, and his politics have a much better chance of drawing moderate voters. He also has the name recognition and experience voters will trust. Unfortunately for him, none of that will matter if he can’t stop putting his foot in his mouth.

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