Newsweek promotes boycott against Tucker Carlson

It is no surprise that many “journalists” and outlets in the liberal media establishment dislike the right-leaning Fox News Channel.

What is a little bit surprising is that a formerly reputable outlet in the media establishment —Newsweek — has traded in any semblance of journalistic objectivity to join an activist-led effort to get Fox News star Tucker Carlson fired.

Trying to silence Carlson

Echoing the leftist Media Matters for America activist organization, Newsweek recently published a story that provided a helping hand to an ongoing effort to silence and fire Carlson.

The once-widely heralded news source, now apparently little more than another leftist blog, did nothing to disguise its contempt for Carlson and signaled agreement with the oft-repeated smears that Carlson is some sort of “racist” and “white supremacist” because of his questioning of the liberal media’s “groupthink” narrative.

Thus, the Newsweek article proudly promoted a trending hashtag on Twitter — #FireTuckerCarlson — that was used by outraged leftists demanding Carlson lose his job for offering commentary on the rise of white supremacism that didn’t align with the prevailing narrative.

Newsweek openly advocates for boycotts

But allowing its liberal bias and contempt for those who dissent to shine so brightly was not the worst of Newsweek’s violations of the fundamental rules of journalism.

Rather, that dubious distinction would be earned by the media outlet’s full-on foray into leftist activism by supporting and even promoting a leftist-led pressure campaign — replete with threats of boycott, public relations problems and other economic concerns — that is being waged against private businesses who advertise on Carlson’s weeknight program.

One could almost sense the inherent glee as Newsweek chronicled the success prior advertiser boycotts have had in compelling certain companies to pull ads from Carlson’s program.

Newsweek actually published a list of the top advertisers who still run commercials during Carlson’s program, essentially amplifying the call of the leftist activist organizations that are targeting Carlson.

On top of that, Newsweek also provided a helpful link to Media Matters that would-be activists among the readership could follow to find a more complete list of Carlson’s advertisers — not to mention those who advertise during the programs of fellow Fox hosts Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity.

Media refuses to admit bias

Look, it is no secret that many journalists and media outlets lean left. If they were simply transparent about their biases, few Americans would complain as everything would be out in the open.

The reason that the bias — and in Newsweek’s case, blatant activism — receives so much consternation from conservatives and independents is that far too many in the media falsely portray themselves as neutral arbiters of the news. Clearly, they are not.

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