Newsweek accuses Judge Jeanine Pirro of spreading white nationalist theory

Earlier this week, Judge Jeanine Pirro appeared on Fox Nation with Todd Starnes and suggested Democrats are plotting to “replace” American citizens with illegal immigrant voters.

For this, Christina Zhao of Newsweek accused Pirro of peddling a white nationalist “replacement” conspiracy theory.

BuzzFeed News and Salon also piled on, accusing Pirro of “echoing a white supremacist conspiracy theory” as used by the El Paso shooter.

Pirro’s Theory

“[Democrats] hate Donald Trump,” Pirro said, according to Newsweek. “He’s the one they want to get rid of.”

“Their plan and their plot to remake America is to bring in the illegals, change the way the voting occurs in this country, give them licenses, they get to vote maybe once, maybe twice, maybe three times. You’ve got motor voter registration on the day of the election, we’ve got voter rolls that haven’t been purged of dead people in years, where the Democrats have resisted that.”

“Think about that, it is a plot to remake America,” Pirro said. “To replace American citizens with illegals who will vote for the Democrats.”

Immigration matters

This is one of the reasons why Republicans are so adamant about immigration laws being followed.

Democrats are literally trying to bend laws simply to regain the Senate as well as the White House.

They know if they are able to do this, Republicans will be out of power and there is a strong likelihood they will hold a supermajority in both the House and the Senate.

Because Pirro is suggesting Democrats are trying to legalize illegal immigration for political purposes, liberals are now smearing her by tying her to white supremacists and mass shooters.

But Democrats have made no secret of the fact illegal immigrants are by far their most important priority in this election, as they were in 2016.

To suggest Pirro is a racist or a white nationalist for simply telling the truth is despicable, something we seem to be saying more often than not when reporting on liberal journalists these days.

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