Hometown newspaper describes poll numbers for VP Harris as ‘comically bad’

Some in the mainstream media have been forced to acknowledge President Joe Biden’s persistently low approval rating in polls conducted over the past several months.

Of course, Vice President Kamala Harris is also facing “comically bad” poll numbers, as reported by SF Gate, one of her hometown newspapers.

Poll numbers continue to slide

In fact, one recent poll showed that her approval rating was a full 10 points lower than Bidens. Her numbers trailed even congressional political caucuses, which have consistently been among the lowest-rated partisan groups.

As for the poll cited specifically in the SF Gate article, USA Today and Suffolk University conducted the survey earlier this month with 1,000 respondents and a 3.1-point margin of error.

That poll pegged the vice president’s approval rating at just 28%, just over half of the 51% who disapprove. Roughly 2 in 10 respondents were undecided.

Her boss garnered a relatively higher approval rating of 38%, though a whopping 59% disapproved and only 3% were undecided.

The real kicker for Harris lies in how she stacks up in comparison to Congress, which as a whole has an abysmal 12% approval rating while three in four disapprove. Although she does come in above that combined average, she loses against individual caucuses.

Political future in jeopardy

Congressional Democrats scored a 29% favorability rating and congressional Republicans came in even higher at 35%.

Although once widely touted as a future presidential contender in her own right, Harris has seen her popularity continually wane since the start of the Biden administration.

The USA Today/Suffolk poll is not much of an outlier, as the RealClearPolitics average found that she was more than 11 percentage points underwater with a 40% favorability rating. In its latest polling tracker, the Los Angeles Times found that the vice president’s favorability stood at 41% while her unfavorability rating was 52%.

Taken on their own or in the context of her recent predecessor, the vice president’s popularity is startlingly low. At this point in her term, Harris is viewed less favorably than former Vice Presidents Mike Pence, Biden, Dick Cheney, and Al Gore.

While she has some defenders who point to racism and sexism for her low numbers, a number of controversies have erupted since Inauguration Day that have allowed critics to lodge specific complaints about her performance in office.

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