California Gov. Newsom promises to replace Sen. Dianne Feinstein with a black woman

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has announced that he intends to replace Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) with a black woman when Feinstein finally steps down, Breitbart reported.

During a Monday interview on MSNBC, Newsom promised to appoint a black woman to take Feinstein’s seat when she retires. However, the 87-years-old senator reportedly has no plans of retiring anytime soon and is intent on finishing her term.

Newsom came under pressure to appoint a black woman to replace then-Sen. Kamala Harris when she left for the White House. Instead, he went with Secretary of State Alex Padilla, the state’s first Latino senator.

Identity politics at its finest

California’s Senate drama has provided the perfect example for why the identity politics that the Democratic Party embraces are insane.

In an act of complete regression, the Democratic Party has returned to using racial standards to make decisions about who will be in government. California’s senators will be appointed primarily to check racial boxes and not for their qualifications.

Feinstein has had a target on her back for some time as the longtime California senator repeatedly failed to live up to the new left’s expectations. She first attracted the ire of progressives when she said she could work with former President Donald Trump’s administration in 2017. When she didn’t sufficiently attack then-Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett in the eyes of far-left progressives, Democrats forced Feinstein off of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Progressives want Feinstein gone and replaced with a black woman, ideally as soon as possible. However, Feinstein’s term runs through 2024, and she commented that she is sure Newsom isn’t calling for her to retire early, SF Gate reported.

Newsom has bigger problems

Feinstein’s seat’s future is far from settled as Newsom may not be around to make the decision.

The increasingly unpopular governor is facing a bipartisan recall effort, and if Feinstein isn’t stepping down, there’s a chance that a candidate of a different racial background will win Feinstein’s seat.

Newsom has far bigger problems than the skin color of California’s next senator, as both California Democrats and Republicans want him gone.

He sounded confident about his chances, however, saying at a news conference on Tuesday, “Well, the reality is it looks like it’s going on the ballot, and so we’re ready to go. We will fight it. We will defeat it.” He has a good chance of beating the recall, but it is equally possible that the Democratic Party would rather someone with less controversy be governor.

Newsom is finding himself in a similar position as Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. California is a Democrat stronghold, and any Democrat can be governor, one with less baggage than Newsom.

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