British news outlet dubs Dr. Fauci ‘the sexiest man alive’

One of the most ridiculous and stunning aspects of the ongoing pandemic has been the tendency of many on the left to elevate National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) chief Dr. Anthony Fauci to the level of idol over his actions in response to the coronavirus. Now, one British media outlet has just taken that worship to a new — and disgusting — level.

Playing off People magazine’s famous annual award, The Guardian dubbed Dr. Fauci as “the sexiest man alive” in a post on the social media platform Instagram on Monday, The Daily Wire reported.

“The sexist man alive”

“Anthony Fauci, an 80-year-old scientist, doctor and public servant, has become an unlikely cult hero for millions of people during the Covid pandemic,” The Guardian‘s Monday post read.

“The US diseases expert has been spoofed by Brad Pitt and lauded as the ‘sexiest man alive,'” the outlet continued. “Now the pop culture phenomenon is the focus of a documentary, appropriately titled: Fauci.”


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Fauci: Better than sliced bread?

Included in the caption of that post was a quote from a co-director of the Fauci documentary, John Hoffman, who — of course — lauded that government scientist as arguably the greatest thing to come around since sliced bread.

“At the core of Tony’s popularity is that people intuit that this is a man who is speaking the truth and will not let anything stand in the way,” Hoffman was quoted as saying. “Tony is the signal amid the noise. People are able to sense that there’s a lot of noise and their ears are trying to find the signal and Tony is the signal.”

The Guardian also encouraged readers to check out its “full feature on the man whose career has spanned seven U.S. presidents and been bookended by the two great pandemics of the past century: HIV/AIDS and [COVID-19].”

What a joke

The New York Post reports that the Instagram post from The Guardian was summarily mocked by many users on the platform, some of whom dismissed it as a joke — but the message was very real.

The move from the British paper undoubtedly stemmed from a failed petition effort in 2020 by Fauci’s fans to get him named as “sexiest man alive” by People magazine. That honor was more appropriately granted to 33-year-old actor Michael B. Jordan.

Nevertheless, as The Daily Wire noted, Fauci’s admirers were likely pleased when the scientist was granted a full photoshoot, in-depth feature interview, and the July 2020 cover of InStyle magazine — an honor that was never even extended to an actual supermodel who served as America’s first lady: Melania Trump.

It all just goes to show that if it weren’t for double standards, leftist journalists wouldn’t have any standards at all.

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