Newly revealed memo shows Hillary server was ‘lost’ by FBI

We are all pretty sure the Hillary Clinton email/server investigation was botched by the FBI, but I doubt anyone really expected this.

Buried deep in FBI records recently released is proof the FBI actually lost the “chain of custody” trail for Hillary’s servers…

Not a Big Deal, Right?

If you read the language in the report, it makes it sound like this is no big deal.

That could not be further from the truth, though.

The chain of custody for evidence is one of the single most important factors when handling evidence in any criminal case.

In essence, the FBI is admitting that someone could have gotten their hands on the server for nefarious purposes at some point.

In all, there were five weeks unaccounted for.

In this day and age, someone with the right skillset would need only hours, if not minutes, to change or delete records on the server.

What this essentially means in that server, for all intents and purposes, can never be used as evidence against Hillary because anything could have happened to it during the time where it “disappeared.”

Was this convenient loss of custody ordered by Obama, Lynch, or even one of the Clintons to their lackeys in the FBI?

Would anyone really be surprised if that is what actually happened? We think not!

What Now Comey?

This does not bode well for Comey, or McCabe for that matter.

Americans have already lost the trust of the agency, and this is only going to make things worse.

We already know Comey was drafting a letter to exonerate Hillary months before the investigation was over.

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Did he let her off the hook for fear of having gross negligence in the handling of the evidence exposed?

All this document did was create more questions for Comey and McCabe as well as some significant problems for both of them.

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