Newly released FBI files prove Huma Abedin knew Hillary Clinton’s server was not secure: Report

The FBI recently released almost 300 pages of documentation on the Hillary Clinton private email server investigation — and they don’t make the former secretary of State, or her staff, look good.

Those documents make it clear that Huma Abedin knew what was going on with her boss’ private server — including that it had been hacked.

The Hack

In January 2011, while Hillary Clinton was still serving as secretary of State, Huma Abedin received an email from their tech aide, Justin Cooper, that Clinton’s server was being attacked.

Cooper alerted Abedin that he was pulling the plug on the server for the night to address the problem.

Cooper’s email reads in part: “I had to shut down the server… Someone was trying to hack us and while they did not get in, I didn’t want them to have the chance to… I will restart it in the morning.”

Abedin’s response was simple: “omg”

Abedin then alerted State offices to not send any sensitive information to Clinton until further notice.

Big Trouble

This information pretty much blows everything Hillary Clinton has maintained to this point out of the water.

It also brings up even more questions about how then-FBI Director James Comey let Clinton off the hook.

Clearly, Clinton was receiving classified emails on this server and was using an email for sensitive documents — which it should not have been used for.

Her server was clearly not secure enough to hold these types of communications. Yet, this practice continued on throughout her time as Secretary of State.

We knew this hacking had happened, but we did not know Abedin’s reactions.

Her response and actions afterward are the cherry on top of this sundae that is going to give conservatives more than enough reason to call for a reopening of the Clinton email investigation.

Let the games begin.

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