New Zealand considers election delay after a small number of coronavirus cases emerge

The idea of postponing the November election here in the United States was floated by President Donald Trump last month, prompting a deluge of criticism from all corners.

In New Zealand, however, officials are considering delaying their upcoming election due to a recent COVID-19 outbreak — which amounts to just four new cases, according to TheBlaze.

Going overboard

For all intents and purposes, New Zealand has largely been spared from the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the virus has indeed made its way into the country, there have been only 1,589 documented cases ad 22 deaths to date.

Up until recently, the country had not had a new case attributed to community spread in 102 days, as NPR reported, but that all changed when four people tested positive in a single family.

As a result, the panic button has been hit, and the entire country is back in a Phase 3 lockdown in which people must remain home from school and work, and indoor gatherings are limited to 10, and now the upcoming national election reportedly may be delayed as well.

The harsh reality of the ongoing pandemic is that governments and their citizens must determine whether they are willing to destroy their economies — and the livelihoods of millions — in order to save a comparatively small number of lives.

Moving the goalposts

In New Zealand, there apparently remains a willingness to shut things down anytime a handful of positive test results come back.

For many observers, the financial and psychological damage wrought by ongoing lockdowns is simply too high a price to pay in a futile attempt to prevent even the smallest of outbreaks, which seem all but inevitable for the foreseeable future.

Given the fact that an effective vaccine or effective therapeutic treatment is upwards of a year away by some estimates, it is no longer feasible for most people to remain in a holding pattern that can only be lifted when the powers-that-be say so.

Th0ugh Democrats in the U.S. see nothing wrong with thousands of protesters marching shoulder-to-shoulder in the streets, they hypocritically deem it outrageous that anyone would suggest that voters could safely cast their ballots in person this fall.

Recent use of mail-in voting in New York and New Jersey led to notable problems with fraud as well as lengthy delays in ballot counting, potentially foreshadowing the type of difficulties about which President Trump has repeatedly warned and why he is admirably fighting hard to prevent coronavirus from being used as an excuse for Democrats to manipulate the outcome of the November election in their favor.

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