Spring fever: New Yorkers break Cuomo-ordered lockdown to enjoy sunny weekend

The coronavirus-related stay-at-home orders enacted across the country have been hard on everyone — and they’re about to get a lot harder.

Spring fever has started to kick in, and in celebration, thousands of New Yorkers defied Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s lockdown orders to get outside and enjoy the weekend’s 70+ degree temperatures, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported.

Enjoying the sunshine

If there was one city in this entire country where you think people would fight off the urge to go outside on a beautiful spring day, it would be New York, one of the hardest hit areas in the nation from the coronavirus.

That is not exactly how things went down this weekend, though.

Rather than stay inside, thousands of New Yorkers opened their doors and ran outside to city parks so they could feel the grass under their feet and the sun on their faces, the Daily Mail reported.

Their level of enjoyment did not last very long, though. According to the Daily Mail, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio soon sent out the local police to ruin just about everyone’s day.

Not in my city

New Yorkers got a great taste this weekend of what it is like to be living in a police state where mayors and governors have complete authority over them. Constitution be damned, Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio were going to get every one of them off the streets, out of the park, and back in their homes.

When reports of New Yorkers gathering started to arrive, de Blasio instructed officers to start rounding people up.

If they were not six feet away from each other, they were given a polite reminder. If residents ignored the order, they were given a summons.

Those issued a summons could be subject to as much as $1,000 fine for getting some sun and being closer than six feet of another human being.

In addition to issuing summons, the NYPD ended up arresting three people over the weekend, the Daily Mail reported.

Wrong or right, it would appear as though Americans have had about all they can take of shelter-in-place orders. How much longer can we live in fear of COVID-19?

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