New York witches holding public ritual to ‘hex’ Brett Kavanaugh

It looks like #theResistance has a new strategy to go after newly minted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson broke the story that a coven of witches in New York is planning a public ceremony next week to “hex” Justice Kavanaugh.

More Insanity

The Democrats pulled out all the stops to try to get Kavanaugh removed from consideration, making it clear from the very beginning that they would never support his nomination.

At the last minute, they produced what now appears to have been an orchestrated allegation from Christine Blasey Ford.

While she never produced any evidence or a corroborating witness, her statements against Kavanaugh were believed as gospel by the left.

Then another woman came forward saying Kavanaugh exposed himself at a public party.

Again, no proof or corroborating witnesses.

Finally, the infamous Michael Avenatti came forward with a client that made such outrageous and unbelievable claims that her story eventually backfired.

While they gave it their best, none of the attacks worked and Kavanaugh was eventually confirmed, though not until his name and character had been unjustly smeared in the eyes of the entire world.

Now that the legal means have been exhausted, witches are literally going to try to work their black magic against Kavanaugh.

Carlson couldn’t resist pointing out how appropriate it is that the party which “conducts witch hunts” also “conducts witchcraft.”

The Coven

The witches that now want to put a hex on Kavanaugh are based out of Brooklyn, New York.

The ceremony is scheduled for next weekend and is reportedly open to the public, for those who enjoy this sort of thing.

According to “Liberal Sherpa” Cathy Areu, who spoke with Tucker Carlson, the coven has already been working against the Trump administration by casting three spells on President Donald Trump.

They believe their spells have successfully hindered Trump’s efforts thus far.

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While nobody with any common sense believes in their power, this is still, as Carlson pointed out, a very dangerous situation.

You just never know what someone will do if they believe the powers of the “dark forces” are behind them.

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