New York to strip Trump of concealed carry permit after felony conviction

 June 7, 2024

Former President Donald Trump is on the verge of losing his concealed carry license in New York following his felony conviction last week, CNN reported. The license was suspended last April when Trump was indicted, but it will likely be revoked.

Trump was found guilty of 34 charges in the so-called hush money case in Manhattan on May 30. Now, he's being stripped of his Second Amendment rights on top of that.

The former president and presumptive GOP presidential nominee is on the record as owning three pistols, though his carry permit was made private. Two were turned over to the New York Police Department in March of 2023, while one "was lawfully moved to Florida," a source said.

If Trump still owns the remaining pistol, he could face more criminal charges, as federal law prohibits anyone convicted of a felony from owning a firearm. Still, Trump has round-the-clock Secret Service protection, but liberals are just happy to watch their nemesis lose his rights.

Leftists Rejoice

The insufferable Lawrence O’Donnell rejoiced at the news on Thursday's Last Word. "Donald Trump has to give up his guns," the MSNBC host announced.

"Donald Trump, who has had bodyguards for many, many years before he had Secret Service protection, never had any rational reason to carry or even possess a firearm. But, like many people who hope that a handgun might make them feel, I don't know, more like a man, Donald Trump owns three handguns," O'Donnell went on.

"So now that Donald Trump is a convicted felon, not only will he lose his license to carry a concealed firearm, it is now illegal for him to even possess handguns that he never had any rational reason to possess. Even though Donald Trump doesn't need those guns and never uses them, losing his license will feel like a man losing his possession of something important to him," O'Donnell later droned on.

"It will feel like he lost all of that, thanks to the unanimous verdict of 12 New Yorkers. And that will be a form of torture for Donald Trump," O'Donnell said.

Trump's Second Amendment

This move is just another that underscores the judicial abuse happening in New York. The NYPD is, of course, following the letter of the law, but Trump should not have been convicted in the first place and is now losing a constitutional right.

This is especially outrageous, considering he's been very supportive of the Second Amendment as president. According to the BBC, Trump rightly said he was the "best friend gun owners have ever had in the White House" at a National Rifle Association event in February.

The gun rights group often hosts Trump at their events, and it has endorsed him as their choice for president in 2024. Trump also has the backing of the Second Amendment Foundation, which has pledged to "defend him and challenge the law" if his rights are stripped.

"Donald Trump has no history of violent crime," the organization said. Citing the 2022 Bruen decision, the SAF believes there's "no historical nexus to deny someone, including Trump, of their gun rights over such a conviction."

Trump does not need his firearms for protection, but it should still be his right to have them. Leftists are demonstrating that they will use the law as a weapon to club anyone they don't like, and that should scare people of all political stripes.

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