New York Times Promotes Surgeon Doing ‘Elective Mastectomies’ on Teens

A headline in the New York Times, just days ago, promoted the Miami practice of a surgeon who does “top” operations on teens, that is, mastectomies that remove girls’ breasts.

The Star News Network explained that the publication cited a girl, now called “Michael,” who is just 17.

She posed for photos with Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher, who puts the photographs of the young girls on her social media platforms.

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“Michael is part of a very small but growing group of transgender adolescents who have had top surgery, or breast removal, to better align their bodies with their experience of gender,” described the Times.

Star Network explained that the Times conceded “there is little evidence of the long-term benefits of transgender surgery for minors,” and it blasts those who would protect children from the influencers who promote such radical actions, condemning “Republican elected officials” for “seeking to ban all so-called gender-affirm care for minors.”

Said the Times, “Small studies have shown that many transgender adolescents report significant discomfort related to their breasts, including difficulty showering, sleeping, and dating. As the population of these adolescents has grown, top surgery has been offered at younger ages.”

It’s all part of the ideology that is spreading across America that apparently intends to erase male and female, leaving behind only whatever a teen chooses to be, as well as family, as the actions of those who “transition” often are concealed from their parents.

Also ignored by and large is the testimony from a multitude of those who have transitioned, and regret it, returning as closely as they can to the lives they gave up to be part of a vast social and medical experiment.

Gallagher, in fact, uses social media platforms to reach potential patients, and openly states, “We are happy to offer top surgery to minors with the consent of parents and the recommendation of the patient’s mental health professional.”

The idea of consent for such extreme measures as cutting off body parts has been questioned by Dr. Stephen B. Levine, of Case Western Reserve University.

“The many risks of these interventions, including medicalizing a temporary adolescent identity, have come into a clearer focus through an awareness of detransitioners,” he said.

Further, there’s little high-quality evidence that such efforts actually succeed, the report said. He warned that both medical and mental health issues have been impacted by the high level of transgender ideology activism.

In fact, the very suggestion of questioning a claim to a transgender identity now routinely is attacked and condemned by adherents of the ideology. And studies have confirmed over and over that leaving children who have gender dysphoria issues alone means almost all will resolve those concerns as they mature, mostly in their gender at birth.

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