Trump says the New York Times is going out of its way to destroy his personal attorney

President Trump’s personal attorney is under attack, and the President finally lashed out at those doing the attacking.

Early Saturday morning, the President sent out a series of tweets calling out the New York Times for trying to destroy Michael Cohen.

The Hit Piece

The latest Trump tirade was initiated due to a recent article in the New York Times.

Maggie Haberman, who has had more than a few kind words to say about Hillary, dedicated a piece to “exposing” Michael Cohen.

The tone of the article was clearly set to embarrass Cohen into flipping on Trump.

She cites several unnamed sources that alleged to be “close” to the situation.

While accusing Trump of “abusing” Cohen, she belittles the man throughout the article in every sense of the word.


Cohen once said, “I will do anything to protect Mr. Trump.”

He also stated, “I’m the guy who would take a bullet for the president. I’d never walk away.”

Haberman hints that after years of abuse, Cohen may be thinking otherwise.

It has been made quite clear the FBI wants to take him down to get to the President.

By putting pressure on Cohen, who has a wife and children, the agency more than likely feels it can get Cohen to “squeal” rather than do prison time and/or face heavy fines.

Mind you, we still really don’t know what the FBI is going after other than a few crumbs that have been released about a trip to Prague, New York City taxi cab medallions, and the payment made to Daniels.

The President

Trump is clearly worried about both his friend and what the FBI is doing to Cohen so Mueller can get something on him.

His tweets express not only concern for Cohen, but obvious frustration over the direction of the probe…

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Hillary allies are clearly breaking out the big guns to get something, anything on Trump.

The question now is if Cohen will be true to his words or will actually cave to pressure by the media and the FBI to flip on Trump.

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