Liberty University sues The New York Times for defamation: Report

One of President Donald Trump’s biggest enemies in the media is headed to court.

According to The Hill, Liberty University has filed a $10 million defamation suit against The New York Times.

Coronavirus allegations

As The Hill reported, The New York Times published a story earlier this year about an apparent wave of COVID-19 infections at the Liberty University campus. The story was published on March 29, after the Times went to the school to conduct its investigation on how students there were faring.

According to The Hill, the story claimed that 12 students “were sick with symptoms that suggested COVID-19.”

But the Virginia university says that claim is 100% false. Their suit states that no students on campus ever tested positive for the coronavirus.

University rebuttal

The school also claims it offered an interview with the on-campus doctor, but that the paper refused, instead deciding to talk to a doctor about 10 miles off-campus.

“I think they got their information from a doctor who has a practice 10 miles away from Liberty, who had seen a few Liberty kids who had a cold and upper respiratory problem. And none of it was anything like COVID symptoms,” University President Jerry Falwell stated, according to The Hill.

He went on: “He told the reporters to go and talk to our on-campus doctor at our clinic on campus, and they wouldn’t do it. They didn’t talk to us.”

The new norm?

Sadly, these bogus reports by the Times seem to be the norm now rather than the exception. Similar situations have been seen at the likes of MSNBC, The Washington Post, and CNN.

Nobody is perfect, and reporters will get their facts wrong from time to time, but the problem today is that many in the media seem to have a headline written before they ever do any fact-checking — and then they refuse to admit their mistakes.

In recent months, the courts have stopped protecting the media, as we saw in cases like CNN’s battle with Nick Sandmann and Joy Reid’s with La Liberte.

The New York Times, for its part, says it’s standing by its story. But only time will tell if the judge is buying it.

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