New York sees failure in plan to convert garbage trucks to electric

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

New York City’s storm plans for years have called on its fleet of thousands of garbage trucks to step in for double duty as snow plows to clear streets.

Which worked, mostly, with diesel engines.

But with city plans to convert the fleet to electric vehicles, officials noticed a problem.

The new units run out of power after only a short time on the streets.

It is the Gothamist that is reporting, “Snow goes for NYC’s electric garbage trucks that can’t handle winter weather.”

The report warned, “Don’t count on seeing electric garbage trucks plowing snow from city streets any time soon. The city Department of Sanitation’s goals to become carbon neutral is clashing with the limits of electric-powered vehicles.”

The report said the city has purchased seven electric rear loader garbage trucks, custom-made by Mack at a cost of more than $523,000 each.

“Officials say previous electric trucks tested by sanitation have not lasted longer than four hours plowing snow before running out of power, and the new electric trucks will be used for trash collection but not plowing snow.”

The report noted the city wants to switch all 6,000 vehicles in its fleet to electricity, part of a radical agenda to reduce emissions by 2040.

Electricity for those green vehicles, of course, comes from a variety of power sources besides wind and solar, including natural gas, fuel oil, and even coal.

“We found that they could not plow the snow effectively – they basically conked out after four hours. We need them to go 12 hours,” warned Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch. “Given the current state of the technology, I don’t see today a path forward to fully electrifying the rear loader portion of the fleet by 2040.”

New York has about 19,000 miles of streets. Other large cities don’t use their garbage truck fleet for such work. In Denver, for example, some streets are opened with small trucks, and some streets melt open, eventually.

commentary at Moonbattery explained, “Our moonbat rulers have decreed that to signal compliance with their ideology, all vehicles must be electric — even heavy trucks, even school buses, even military vehicles. However, electric garbage trucks are not working out in New York.”

It noted, sarcastically, “Fortunately, the same ideology that makes overpriced, unreliable electric trucks necessary also provides a solution. Just wait for global warming to melt the snow. … The founder of the Cult of Global Warming has been bellowing since at least 2007 that immediate radical action is required because the planet has a fever. Surely the snow must have melted already.”

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