New York Post: Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial verdict signifies the end of the #MeToo movement

The New York Post just put out an article arguing that the recent verdict in the Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial marks the end of the so-called #MeToo movement, here in America. 

The article is titled, Depp-Heard verdict is the defeat of the toxic #MeToo Movement. It is written by Andrea Peyser.


The Washington Post sums up the #MeToo movement, writing:

In 2007, American activist Tarana Burke used the term “Me Too” to raise awareness and stand with victims of sexual abuse. A decade later, the hashtag went viral as women came forward to accuse powerful men of harassment and misconduct.

This movement, as many commentators are now pointing out, is being put to the test by the verdict of the Depp-Heard trial.

The trial stemmed from a 2018 op-ed in which Heard, the ex-wife of Depp, claimed to be “a public figure representing domestic abuse.” Depp responded with a $50 million defamation suit, which Heard countered with a $100 million defamation suit of her own.

Suffice it to say that the six-week trial got ugly at times with both Heard and Depp airing their dirty laundry. But, it was Depp who came out on top, winning roughly $10 million in damages.

Is #MeToo over?

Peyser, in her piece, argues that it is precisely because of this verdict, which certainly does go against the #MeToo movement.

Peyser writes:

With its decision, a group of Heard’s peers have begun the hard work of helping us all see women not as an abused class of victims, but as fully formed individuals. Some tell the truth. Others don’t. Some are targeted by violent pervs. Some not. Sadly, we had all been bullied by the grievance mob to the brink of losing the ability to tell the difference. And the cause for women’s rights was the biggest near-casualty of a society gone mental.

Peyser sees this as a good thing considering what the #MeToo movement has become. She summed the movement aptly calling it “a toxic female-fueled revolution that got drunk on its own reckless and absolute power.”

“Beneath its veneer of protecting, usually, the fairer sex from physical, mental, and sexual harm, #MeToo has morphed into a monster, a massive, blunt instrument used to punish sometimes innocent people who’ve generally had the misfortune of being born with XY chromosomes,” Peyser added.

Not so fast . . .

Burke, however, disagrees with Peyser’s analysis. “You can’t kill us,” Burke argued. “We are beyond the hashtag. We are a movement. The ‘me too’ movement isn’t dead. The system is dead.”

Time will tell who is right.

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