Report: New York Post bars writers from citing CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times as sole sources

The New York Times claimed Wednesday that “high-level editors” at the New York Post had banned staffers from citing reporting from CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, and the Times itself as the sole sources for their own reports.

Citing three journalists who work at the New York Post, the author of the Times‘ report, Katie Robertson, surmised that the move came because these four outlets “are seen as liberal within the Murdoch empire, which is home to Fox News and Fox Business, cable networks that were instrumental to the rise of President [Donald] Trump.”

“To publish articles based on the work of those organizations would not fit The Post’s right-leaning identity,” Robertson’s sources reportedly told her.

According to the Washington Examiner, the New York Post has not confirmed or denied Robertson’s reporting.

“Fake news”

It’s certainly not a secret that outlets like the Times and CNN are no fans of President Trump — in fact, CNN star Jim Acosta faced criticism last month for saying coverage of Joe Biden’s presidency may be “approached differently,” as Fox News reported.

Trump himself has railed against the outlets in response to what he sees as slanted coverage, bluntly calling CNN and The Washington Post “fake news” during a presser last spring, according to The Hill.

Take a look:

Other theories

But perhaps it’s not an effort to defend Trump that’s driving the New York Post‘s reported move at all; rather, the publication may be looking to distance and differentiate itself from its more liberal competitors, particularly after it was largely mocked for reporting published in October 2020 on the allegedly nefarious business dealings of now-President-elect Biden’s son, Hunter.

According to the Washington Examiner, “the New York Post was temporarily locked out of its Twitter account, and circulation of the story was limited by internet censors across several social media platforms” after publishing a “damaging” story about the Bidens.

After two weeks, Twitter lifted the ban, and later, it came out that Hunter Biden was and may still be under investigation by federal authorities for allegations of tax fraud and potential money laundering, as Politico reported.

Of course, the New York Post never got an apology from Twitter or any of the mainstream outlets that doubted its reporting. If they are indeed a little bitter about it, who could blame them?

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