New York is keeping under wraps its ‘Adams Tent City’ for illegal immigrants

Breitbart News reports that New York City has apparently banned journalists and the like from entering and observing its tent city for illegal immigrants. 

It has got many now asking what New York is hiding.

“Adams Tent City”

The facility that Breitbart is referring to is the one on Randalls Island, which, on Google Maps, is now referred to as “Adams Tent City,” referencing New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D).

Adams, himself, is calling the place a “Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Center.”

Regardless of what the tent city is called, the same thing is happening there, namely, illegal immigrants are being temporarily housed.

According to the New York Post, the facility is designed to hold up to about 500 immigrants. Some of the tents have cots, others have tables and chairs. There are also portable bathrooms and showers.

The tent city has already garnered a lot of controversy. And, New York officials have been hush-hush about some aspects of it, including how much the whole project costs the taxpayer.

Reporters no longer allowed

Now, according to Breitbart, New York appears to have additionally banned reporters from entering and observing the tent city. Breitbart based this reporting on a recent attempt that it made to gain access to the facility.

Breitbart reports that the facility “was guarded by what appeared to be a contracted security company at the gate and had the National Guard patrolling on the premises.” The outlet adds that “neither would identify themselves to Breitbart.”

Breitbart, while there, attempted to get information on the apparent ban, asking the security personnel where exactly they got the order from to keep reporters and journalists out of the area. According to Breitbart, none provided an answer. Instead, the National Guard, according to the outlet, gave it an NYC Public Affairs Office phone number. And, when Breitbart called, there was “no answer.”

Breitbart did gather some information, however, from “staff with a local ABC affiliate.” That staff revealed to Breitbart that the press was allowed in the tent city on Tuesday, but that seemed to change after the tent city received “bad press” coverage.

Who would have thought that using the overburdened taxpayer’s money to build and maintain a tent city for illegal immigrants would be an unpopular thing to do? Not New York Democrats apparently.

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