New York radio host sues school board after she was arrested at September meeting

Parents nationwide have been up in arms over public school policies in various districts, resulting in pushback from school boards, teachers’ unions, and Democratic politicians.

For her part, New York radio host Shannon Joy was arrested at a school board meeting in August and is now suing the district.

“Very concerned about what’s happening in their schools”

According to the Daily Wire, the conservative host faced trespassing charges after authorities indicated that her face mask slipped below her nose.

Joy and her supporters have argued that the move was a planned retaliation for her critical remarks at earlier board meetings.

The charge against her was subsequently dismissed, but Joy insisted that it did not rectify the situation and vowed to continue fighting against the Fairport Central School District.

In a September statement, Joy said: “Parents are very concerned about what’s happening in their schools right now for a variety of reasons and they need to be a part of that process.

As for the perceived effort to “make an example” out of her, she told other parents that the ultimate goal of school board members was to “intimidate all of you.”

“Think twice next time they seek to suppress parent voices”

Joy sat down for a recent interview with radio host Megyn Kelly, during which she recounted the events that had transpired since the meeting at which she was arrested. Recalling the “humiliating” and “terrifying” experience, she declared that it was “one of the most uncomfortable situations” of her life.


Nevertheless, Joy said that she was “glad that it happened because it exposed what these school boards are capable of.”

In response to the “difficult battle,” she made it clear that she has no intentions of backing down, referencing her current lawsuit. She went on to note that she has attended every board meeting since her arrest without further incident.

“We want to make school boards across the country think twice — and sheriff’s departments as well, police officers — to think twice next time they seek to suppress parent voices,” she said, explaining that the constitutional rights of all parents are at stake.

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