New York Democratic Party prepares for primary against 'Squad' member under fire for Israel stance and house fire incident

 December 5, 2023

Democratic primary challenger George Latimer of Westchester County, New York, will face off against "Squad" member Rep. Jamaal Bowman after Latimer formally submitted federal papers to launch his campaign for Congress.

Fox News Digital examined papers from the Federal Election Commission that were made available online, as the outlet reported.

The statement of candidacy for Congress was filed by Latimer on Monday.

Resistance to Bowman

In the months that have passed since the left-wing congressman made repeated remarks that some people in the mostly Jewish district saw as being anti-Israel, there has been a growing amount of talk that the Democratic legislator might step up and oppose Bowman.

In the year 2020, Bowman was elected to represent the 16th Congressional District of New York. His success has largely been attributed to his support for progressive causes.

Included in the district are sections of the Bronx as well as Westchester's suburban areas. Subsequently, she became a member of "The Squad," an unofficial congressional group that has a left-wing ideology.

At this point in time, Latimer has chosen not to make an official announcement on his campaign, but his filings have assured many that his campaign is gearing up.

This news comes after the potential challenger returned from a trip to Israel that lasted for four days and was hosted by the Westchester Jewish Council.

Controversy for the Candidate

This past September and October, the New York congressman was embroiled in controversy once again when, just before members voted to prevent a government shutdown, he pulled the fire alarm in the House of Representatives.

"A lot of observers right now think that this is close to if not the nadir for Bowman," New York-based political consultant Jake Dilemani told Fox News Digital last month as speculation grew around a potential Latimer run.

"This is the bottom for Bowman with certain people in the district and certain other political observers. And rewind to last year, people were disappointed with him."

The politician from Westchester, who was elected as Westchester County executive in 2018, is regarded as a Democrat powerhouse in the region. He has held positions in the state Senate and the New York Assembly.

"George has had a very long and successful career in politics in Westchester County as a Democrat. He's never lost an election," Dilemani, who previously worked with Latimer on campaigns, added in his previous comment to Fox.

A request for comment from journalists regarding Latimer's probable primary challenge was not promptly addressed by Bowman's office.

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