New twist documented in Jan. 6 prosecutions

 May 4, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Long have there been protests over the government's agenda to impose extreme prosecutions and punishments on those who were in the Jan. 6, 2021, protest at the Capitol.

While there were a few dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of people who did break down police barriers and vandalize the building, leading to well-justified charges, there have been hundreds more who have faced months in jail for what amounts to no more than trespassing.

The fact that many were imprisoned and kept behind bars for months, or years, before they even went to trial has compounded the alarm at such a government operation.

But now there's a new twist clouding the actions: allegations that one former government official falsely accused a bunch of his colleagues of rioting.

It is PJMedia that has the report on new allegations against Miguel Zapata, who allegedly used "burner emails" to submit "false tips" to the FBI on a tipline about seven former colleagues.

The agency for which the suspect previously worked was not identified.

But the report says the false tips prompted the FBI to investigate multiple individuals, only to find that some of them weren't in Washington that day, and others were working in their offices during the rally and protest.

The report explained Zapata's first tip, dated Feb. 10, 2021, claimed "a former co-worker was 'trying to overthrow the U.S. government, espouses conspiracy theories and retaliates against colleagues who don’t share their political views,'" the report explained, citing details in the Washington Post.

"Another tip accused a government contractor of sharing classified intel with far-right groups 'to foment terror and incite violence,'" the report said.

Court records show that the allegations were easily "debunked."

The report noted it was unclear why Zapata allegedly submitted the false reports, or why he is a former employee.

He currently is out on bond following an appearance before a magistrate.

The Post reported the tips featured similar language and came from four IP addresses.

An affidavit alleges he used a "web anonymizer" to try to hide.

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