New Suspect In Epstein Case

Times they are a changin’…

Now that Jeffrey Epstein is dead, it looks like investigators are shifting the bulk of their inquiries to another suspect in the massive pedophile ring the late billionaire was allegedly involved in.

Ghislaine Maxwell, a vivacious, highly connected people-pleaser and rich socialite is being put under the microscope by federal authorities.

Maxwell allegedly arranged to have underage girls supplied to the alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein while he was at the peak of his savagery. And now that he’s gone, investigators want to learn more about her involvement in the case.

Fox News reports:

“In the aftermath of the 66-year-old Epstein’s apparent suicide in a federal detention center Saturday morning, Maxwell now finds herself under the microscope… Several of Epstein’s accusers have pointed to Maxwell as playing a pivotal role in enlisting his victims, according to thousands of pages of court documents unsealed on Friday — just hours before Epstein reportedly used his bedsheet to hang himself from a prison bunk — in relation to a 2015 defamation suit filed against Maxwell. “

It all makes sense. Now that Epstein is dead, the investigation must go on. And Maxwell should have a lot of answers to the numerous questions investigators have. After all, she was one of the key witnesses to most of the happenings in Epstein’s criminal life.

Sadly, Maxwell hasn’t made any public statements since Epstein’s arrest in July. And Fox News reports that Maxwell’s lawyers haven’t immediately responded to the network’s many inquiries.

Fox News also reports that Maxwell has mostly tried to avoid the public in recent years after she probably realized that authorities were closing in on her friend Epstein:

“Her [Maxwell’s] retreat from the limelight in recent years — coinciding with the evolution of the case against Epstein — is a far cry from the heights of public adoration she once enjoyed as one of New York’s jet-setters.”

But that retreat from the public spotlight isn’t going to last for long.

Investigators want answers, and she’s probably the best person to provide them. She is the new suspect.

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