New study shoots holes in gun-control campaigners’ biggest claim

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Democrats long have demanded more and more gun control, trotting out their favorite plans to get rid of “assault” weapons and those huge magazines that hold multiple shots any time a criminal uses a firearm.

They idealize that removing guns from legal and responsible gun owners will cut down on crime.

Now a new study is blowing their arguments out of the water.

The organization Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, a project of the Second Amendment Foundation, has released a new study showing there is “no association between increased lawful firearm sales and rates of crime or homicide.”

It was done by DRGO member Mark Hamill, an M.D., and was published in the Journal of Surgical Research by Hamill and a team of nine more doctors.

Hamill’s work is online at It’s titled, “Legal Firearm Sales at State Level and Rates of Violent Crime, Property Crime, and Homicides.”

Dr. Robert Young, the executive editor of DRGO, said, “This confirms what those of us already know who follow all the research by medical, criminology, and economic experts. Lawful gun possession is in no way related to homicide or other crime rates, and the constant drumbeat of anti-gun researchers and activists is a house built on sand.”

The new report is based on a detailed, objective 50-state analysis of data from the National Instant Background Check System, the Department of Justice Uniform Crime Reporting program, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System covering the years 1999-2015.

Hamill’s work finds: “Nationally, all crime rates except the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-designated firearm homicides decreased as firearm sales increased over the study period. Using a naive national model, increases in firearm sales were associated with significant decreases in multiple crime categories. However, a more robust analysis using generalized estimating equation estimates on state-level data demonstrated increases in firearms sales were not associated with changes in any crime variables examined.”

It continued, “Robust analysis does not identify an association between increased lawful firearm sales and rates of crime or homicide. Based on this, it is unclear if efforts to limit lawful firearm sales would have any effect on rates of crime, homicide, or injuries from violence committed with firearms.”

Alan Gottlieb, the SAF founder, said, “DRGO is an important project of the Second Amendment Foundation because anti-gun billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg are funding research that tries to portray guns and gun ownership as a disease.”

He noted Hamill had done another prior study.

“The take-home from these two studies is that neither lawful gun ownership nor concealed carry regimes can be correlated with rates of homicide or other crime,” Young said.

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