New Spanberger campaign ad tries again to defend law enforcement record

Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) is still feeling the heat about her record with law enforcement, as evidenced by a new campaign ad released this week to defend that record. 

Spanberger says that because her father was a cop, that obviously means she is a strong supporter of the police despite her actions to defund them and strip them of any authority to actually do anything.

And what were those actions?

Spanberger has taken thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from police defunding groups. She also voted for a Pelosi-backed anti-law enforcement bill, voted against condemning calls to defund the police, and marched with Black Lives Matter.

Defunding police a disaster

Her ad claims she increased funding for police despite these other actions. How does that work?

At the very least, Spanberger has made the pivot away from defending police that so many other politicians have had to make after crime waves made them rethink the policy.

But more likely, she is trying to bridge a gap between those who are scared to see what police defunding has done to communities after only two short years and those who are sticking to the ideology in the face of blatant evidence that defunding police is a disaster.

Both of these views now exist in the Democrat party, and if she picks one, it will make her even more vulnerable in her current seat.

“Anti-cop” liar

Republicans are doing their part not to let Spanberger talk out of both sides of her mouth on this issue.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Camille Gallo slammed the ad and Spanberger, saying, “Abigail Spanberger is anti-cop and no amount of lies from her will change that.”

There’s no hiding the fact that many Democrats jumped on the police defunding bandwagon in the aftermath of national protests over George Floyd’s death in police custody, but it’s past time for them to do a mass mea culpa and admit that even the small police defunding efforts undertaken so far have led to much larger spikes in crime than anyone could have predicted.

This two-faced nonsense of people like Spanberger will only make the situation worse.

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