New report outlines alleged ‘spree of felonies’ by Ilhan Omar

Journalist David Steinberg says his latest report reveals new evidence suggesting that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN)’s may have committed a “spree of felonies.”

“It’s over,” the reporter told conservative radio host Glenn Beck this week of the freshman congresswoman, according to The Blaze. “There’s really nothing left.”

Steinberg had outlined in an exclusive report for The Blaze on Monday “32 new, verifiable, archived pieces of evidence” that he says proves Omar “has almost certainly committed¬†the most extensive spree of felonies by a congressperson in U.S. history.”

Fraud, fraud, and fraud

Steinberg lamented in his report that too many in the mainstream media have all but ignored allegations of gross misconduct by Omar, the Minnesota congresswoman who quickly made friends with progressive upstart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) during the pair’s first term on Capitol Hill. But Steinberg is determined not to be one of those guilty of “editorial malpractice.”

Writing for The Blaze Monday, he brought up allegations that Omar “fraudulently married her brother.”

He also alleged that Omar committed “immigration fraud, education fraud, and federal student loan fraud.”

Digging deeper

Steinberg again broached the topic in his interview with Beck, explaining that his report outlines “all the publicly available documentation that anyone would need to be convinced that, for eight years, [Omar] married her brother to commit immigration fraud,” as The Blaze reported.

Steinberg went on: “And this marriage fraud also was in the service of education fraud/student loan fraud. And along the line, we have evidence, that she filed at least two years of fraudulent tax returns, possibly eight [years]. We have evidence that she perjured herself eight times during her 2017 divorce from this man. And along the way, of course, we know she was living in public housing. We also know she was likely receiving subsidized child care.”

That, of course, is on top of Omar’s campaign finance violations, which she was ordered to pay restitution for in 2019, according to Minnesota Public Radio (MPR).

No accountability

The fact that Omar has all this hanging over her head and still managed to win her primary this week is pretty amazing. The freshman congresswoman struggled throughout the campaign season to drum up support, but was left with a budget that paled in comparison to her opponent’s.

Still, according to ABC News, “the congresswoman increased her margin of victory by 9.15% [this year] over 2018.”

Despite her history of shady behavior, it looks like Omar will glide back into Congress next year after all — much to the dismay of justice-seekers everywhere.

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