New report contradicts Secret Service's White House cocaine investigation conclusions

July 16, 2023
Robert Ayers

A report from Soldier of Fortune magazine contradicts the conclusions that the U.S. Secret Service reached in its investigation of the cocaine that was recently found in the White House of President Joe Biden. 

For its report, the magazine used "sources with direct knowledge of the investigation."

Per the magazine:

Officials at the White House know who handled a packet of cocaine that was found inside the Executive Mansion, and have confirmed that finding via fingerprint evidence, according to sources with direct knowledge of the investigation.

If this reporting is accurate, then it flatly contradicts the recent conclusions of the Secret Service.


On Thursday, the Secret Service put out a statement indicating that it closed its investigation into the cocaine found at the White House and that it did so without being able to determine the source of the cocaine.

The statement, in part, reads:

The investigation included a methodical review of security systems and protocols. This review included a backwards examination that spanned several days prior to the discovery of the substance and developed an index of several hundred individuals who may have accessed the area where the substance was found. The focal point of these actions developed a pool of known persons for comparison of forensic evidence gleaned from the FBI’s analysis of the substance's packaging.

Apparently, though, this evidence was inconclusive. The statement continues:

On July 12, the Secret Service received the FBI’s laboratory results, which did not develop latent fingerprints and insufficient DNA was present for investigative comparisons.  Therefore, the Secret Service is not able to compare evidence against the known pool of individuals.

The Secret Service goes on to state that "there was no surveillance video footage found that provided investigative leads or any other means for investigators to identify who may have deposited the found substance in this area."

Accordingly, the Secret Service concludes:

Without physical evidence, the investigation will not be able to single out a person of interest from the hundreds of individuals who passed through the vestibule where the cocaine was discovered. At this time, the Secret Service's investigation is closed due to a lack of physical evidence.

Not so fast . . .

According to Soldier of Fortune magazine's sources, the Secret Service is not being forthright here.

The outlet reports, "Two sources disclosed the name of the person who is believed to have handled the packet. Soldier of Fortune is withholding the name pending official confirmation."

According to one of the outlet's sources, one of the tests run by the Secret Service did, in fact, identify fingerprints on the cocaine.

Now, the magazine has filed "formal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with three agencies that are likeliest to know about the fingerprint results."

This is certainly something to keep an eye on. It appears possible that a cover-up could be taking place.

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