New poll has Biden’s approval seriously underwater

A new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll has President Joe Biden’s approval rating underwater. 

The Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) at Harvard University and Harris Poll conducted the poll between Jan. 18 and 19, surveying 2,050 registered voters online. No margin of error or similar probability confidence interval is provided because of the method that was used.

The results

Poll participants, among many other things, were asked whether they approve or disapprove of the job that Biden is doing as president. The majority – 56% – disapproved. Only 42% approved.

Breaking things down a bit further, of that 42%, 20% “strongly approve” and 22% “somewhat approve” of Biden’s job as president. And, of the 56% who disapprove, 17% “somewhat disapprove and 39% “strongly disapprove.” The remaining 3% chose the “not sure” option.

What this means, though, is that a significant plurality – 39% – “strongly disapproves” of Biden’s job performance.

Biden’s approval rating in Harvard CAPS-Harris has remained fairly consistent in the lower 40s for the past several months, since back in the summer when his approval rating dipped down into the 30s.

It’s worth noting that, in this latest poll from Harvard CAPS-Harris, the percentage of those who “strongly disapprove” of Biden’s performance has gone up slightly, while the percentage of those who “strongly approve” of Biden’s performance has gone down slightly.

A closer look at the results

According to The Hill, the Harvard CAPS-Harris poll found many participants disagreeing with Biden’s handling of a number of key issues.

Per the outlet:

While Biden received higher marks for reacting to the coronavirus pandemic — 52 percent — and 46 percent approving of his job stimulating jobs, he received lower marks for handling inflation (36 percent), immigration (37 percent) and the economy (38 percent).

With percentages such as these – particularly in the important area of the economy – it is not surprising that 61% of poll participants expressed their opinion that the United States, under Biden’s leadership, is on the wrong track.

More polls

Real Clear Politics also currently has Biden’s average approval rating at 42.9% and his average disapproval rating at 52.6%, putting the president underwater by 9.7 percentage points.

This is nowhere close to Biden’s worst average approval rating, which was down in the 30s.

Biden’s best recent polls, according to Real Clear Politics, came from YouGov, which has Biden’s approval at 47%, and Rasmussen, which has it at 45%. Biden’s worst recent polls, on the other hand, come from Reuters, which has Biden at 40% approval, and Quinnipiac which has him at 38%.

All of these polls were taken in mid-January.

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