New poll finds Vice President Kamala Harris only has 40% approval rating, political career continues downward spiral

A new Rasmussen Reports poll has found that Vice President Kamala Harris’s approval numbers are reaching new lows never before seen for a Vice President.

The poll found that only 40% of respondents had a favorable view of the Vice President, while a crushing 56% of respondents held an unfavorable view of President Biden’s back-up.

The Vice President was once seen as a rising star in the Democrat Party. Now in the space of two and a half years, Vice President Harris is a political anchor threatening to sink Democrats in the midterm election.

Total failure as VP

President Biden’s decision to pick Kamala Harris as his running mate in 2020 was a bad move from the very beginning.

Kamala Harris dropped out of the race for the DNC’s nomination in the 2020 presidential election before the first primary had even begun. Americans didn’t like her, which was clear from the beginning of the 2020 campaign season.

Ironically, Harris’s best moment in the campaign season was when she confronted Joe Biden during the first debate and essentially accused him of being a gross racist.

First Lady Jill Biden wasn’t thrilled with Harris’s attack during the presidential debate and commented that Harris could “go f*ck herself.”

The Biden-Harris pairing made no sense from the beginning and it has become evident that bad chemistry and Harris’s bizarre behavior were a recipe for disaster.

Americans quickly picked up on Harris’s elitist attitude, and her word salad video clips didn’t help her. President Biden may be incredibly unpopular, but Vice President Harris isn’t far behind him.

Worst Vice President in history?

When Vice President Harris leaves office, she will leave as quite possibly the most unpopular Vice President in the history of the United States.

Many Democrats had her pegged as a shoo-in replacement for President Biden in 2024 as his advanced age seriously hampers his potential for a second term.

Now many Democrats aren’t happy with the prospect of running the worst Vice President in history as their nominee in 2024. Unfortunately, with how limited their options are, they may have no other choice.

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