New poll finds that only one-fifth of US voters believe Biden will be a successful president

The Biden regime is in serious political trouble.

According to Newsmax, while voters who supported President Joe Biden in the 2020 election dismissed the possibility of ever having “buyer’s remorse” over their vote, the latest numbers from a Pew Research Center poll clearly reveal that Biden is rapidly losing support across the board. 

The poll found that only 20% of American voters believe Biden will be a successful president. Over twice that number, at 43%, believe the president will be “unsuccessful” at his job.

Only 37% of voters indicated that they still believe it’s too soon to tell one way or another.

It gets worse

President Biden, after a year of failures, both domestic and foreign, is losing support from a number of groups from which he once had a strong foundation.

When broken down by religious groups, “only 7% of White evangelicals and 13% of White non-evangelical Protestants” believe Biden will be a successful president.

Among minority religious groups, his numbers are somewhat higher, but still lower than what they were as he campaigned for the 2020 presidential election.

As far as White Catholics are concerned, only 17% believe Biden will be a successful president. That’s notable, given that Biden is a practicing Catholic. Interestingly, those who do not identify as religious, including atheists, also doubt the president’s future success, with only 22% of unaffiliated voters saying so, and only 32% of atheists expressing confidence in Biden’s abilities.

Overall approval nosedives

According to the New York Post, Biden’s average approval rating, across all major polls, tracked by RealClearPolitics, dipped below 40% for the first time in his presidency last week.

In that rolling average, Biden’s approval dipped to an embarrassingly low 39.8%. His disapproval number was also dismal, coming in at 54.4%, leaving the cognitively fragile president deep underwater in the most important polling numbers available.

Unfortunately for Biden, those numbers are expected by pundits from both sides of the political aisle to continue to dive, as he continues to fail to get a grip on the crippling inflation crisis, which set a new 40-year record last week at 7.5%. With a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine coming in the next few days, along with soaring crime rates, Biden’s numbers will undoubtedly continue to take a beating.

The most immediate effect will be felt by the Democratic Party in the November midterms, as Biden’s humiliating numbers are expected to have profound effects on Democratic candidates across the country.

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