New House speaker is 'looking at' subpoenaing Hunter Biden

October 30, 2023
Robert Ayers

U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA), the new speaker of the House of Representatives, says that he is "looking at" subpoenaing President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden. 

Johnson indicated as much during an appearance over the weekend on the Fox News Channel's Sunday Morning Futures. 

This is one of multiple interviews that Johnson has participated in since becoming House speaker last week. In these interviews, the new speaker has not shied away from speaking about House Republicans' ongoing investigation into the Biden family business.

Johnson, in fact, has made it clear that he supports the investigation fully.

"We are going to follow the law and follow the Constitution."

During Sunday's appearance on Fox, Johnson sought to distinguish the impeachment probe that House Republicans are currently leading into Joe Biden and the House Democrats' previous impeachments of former President Donald Trump.

"We're the rule of law team. We don't use this for political partisan games like the Democrats have done and did against Donald Trump twice," Johnson said.

He continued, "We are going to follow the law and follow the Constitution, and I think we have a suspicion of where that may lead, but we're going to let the evidence speak for itself."

Johnson said that "over the coming days and weeks" he plans on "letting the American people see exactly why we're taking the next steps and where it's headed."

The speaker did not fill in any of these blanks. But, he did hint at where things may be headed.

Hunter Biden, subpoenaed?

The reader may remember that, back in September, the former Speaker of the House, U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), said, rather unambiguously, that House Republicans will subpoena Hunter Biden at some point. Johnson, during Sunday's interview, stopped short of anything this definitive. Instead, Johnson only said that he is "looking at" subpoenaing Hunter Biden.

"I’m looking at that. I think that desperate times call for desperate measures, and that perhaps is overdue," Johnson said. But, the speaker added that he has yet to make a "full decision" on the subject.

At the moment, Johnson said that he is looking to "move forward," "aggressively" with the ongoing investigation of the Biden family business.

"We're trying to move forward on some of this very aggressively. I think the American people are owed these answers, and I think our suspicions about all this, the evidence that we've gathered so far, is affirming what many of us feared maybe the worst," Johnson said.

He added, "As Jamie Comer likes to say, 'Bank records don't lie.' We already have a lot of this evidence. The dots are being connected, and we'll see where it leads."

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