New emails from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop raise questions of alleged perjury

A laptop said to have been abandoned by Hunter Biden at a Delaware computer repair shop several years ago continues to generate headlines that aren’t favorable toward the Biden family.

Daming new emails and texts from the laptop that were obtained by Just the News reportedly suggest that representatives from Blue Star Strategies — a Democrat-connected lobbying firm hired by Burisma Holdings — may have lied in congressional testimony last year about not being in contact with Hunter Biden while he served on the Ukrainian energy company’s board.

Background on Blue Star Strategies

According to Just the News, in 2015, Burisma hired Blue Star Strategies to battle allegations of corruption after the energy firm added Hunter Biden to its board in 2014. The goal, as with hiring any such firm, was to improve public perception in the face of a potential scandal.

Naturally, given their role in assisting Burisma Holdings, Blue Star Strategies became the subject of a Senate investigation last year after it was alleged that Hunter Biden used his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to influence his foreign business dealings.

Two representatives from Blue Star Strategies, Karen Tramontano and Sally Painter, were eventually summoned for testimony by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committees, Just the News said, and were repeatedly questioned by senators regarding whether they ever had contact with Hunter Biden or Biden’s office at the time they worked for Burisma.

Both Painter and Tramontano firmly denied that they or anyone at Blue Star Strategies had any such contacts, with Painter saying she “never” consulted with Hunter Biden during Blue Star’s time working for Burisma.

“At no time did I or anyone else in the firm working on behalf of Burisma collaborate or coordinate the development or implementation of our work with Hunter Biden,” Tramontano said when asked a similar question, as Just the News reported. “Mr. Biden played no role in Blue Star Strategies’ work on behalf of Burisma.”

The laptop says otherwise

Emails from the laptop, which is still in FBI custody, tell a vastly different story, however — one that seems to suggest that both Pointer and Tramontano lied during their Senate testimony last year.

“Hunter and I spoke to Sally Painter yesterday,” one email, which was sent by former Hunter Biden associate Eric Schwerin, reportedly read. “First, Hunter talked to Sally about the agreement and the desire on your part to evaluate success after two months and not feel locked in to the year long contract if things weren’t going well,” he wrote, according to Just the News.

“Second, Sally said she has already had a few meetings on Burisma’s behalf and had some feedback she wanted to give to us offline. She felt she had some intelligence on why the Ambassador made his comments. Hunter and I are going to sit down with her on Monday and find out more,” the email continued, suggesting that Blue Star representatives were firmly in the loop with Hunter Biden at the time.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who was present during the Senate hearings with Blue Star representatives last year, expressed concern to Just the News over the newly released emails.

“I had serious doubts that Blue Star Strategies was fully complying with the subpoena my committee issued the firm in 2020. With new documents coming to light, it appears my suspicions were well founded,” Johnson told the outlet.

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