New documents prove Biden administration targeted and intimidated pro-life activist Mark Houck

Americans were outraged when the FBI descended on pro-life sidewalk counselor Mark Houck’s home and arrested him for alleged violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act.

Now both emails and official documents have cast an even darker shadow on the Biden administration and the FBI. When they arrested Houck, the FBI used ballistic shields, long guns, and a battering ram, and it appears it was all meant to intimidate him for his politically incorrect views.

It turns out that Houck’s attorney had agreed that Houck would appear in court voluntarily. However, the FBI still invaded his home and arrested the father of seven with as much force as possible, clearly intending to send a message.

Intimidating conservative Americans

The scandal began with an email from Houck’s lawyer, Thomas More Society lawyer Matt Heffron, who informed Assistant U.S. Attorney Anita Eve that Houck would “accept a summons on my client’s behalf, rather put Mr. Houck and his family through needless disruption.”

That letter was sent in early June of this year, and no response was heard until September 23, 2022, when Eve wrote back, “this morning, [Houck] was taken into custody by FBI agents and is being transported to the Philadelphia FBI office for processing.”

The Justice Department didn’t communicate with Houck’s lawyers and instead made a show of force arrest to send a message to the pro-life community.

Worse, the Justice Department’s case against Houck has been labeled extremely weak, and the charges are expected to be dismissed pre-trial.

So it appears that the Biden administration knew they had nothing on Houck and wanted to intimidate him with an arrest befitting a violent criminal that posed an imminent threat to the public.

Conservative Americans have a target on their back and the Biden administration is using the FBI to punish those Americans who are on the wrong side of the political spectrum.

Major reforms needed

The abuse of the FBI’s powers by leftist ideologues has done untold damage to the relationship between Americans and the criminal justice system.

The FBI’s impartiality has been in question ever since the 2016 presidential election when the FBI was used to create the Russian collusion hoax. Since then, the FBI has continued to be a tool wielded by leftist partisans in their battle against conservatives.

While Mark Houck will likely face no charges for the allegations against him, the damage done by the FBI to him and his family will have long-lasting effects. This political intimidation is unacceptable and significant reforms at the FBI are sorely needed.

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