New detail about White House cocaine scandal is released

July 8, 2023
Robert Ayers

It is now being reported that the cocaine discovered in the White House was found in a "limited access place." 

This detail was reported by MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell on Thursday.

If true, this would eliminate the possibility, which some - including the White House - have suggested, that the cocaine was left in the White House by a tourist, since a tourist would not be able to access a "limited access place."

"It was found . . ."

The above clip starts off with Mitchell speaking.

She says:

It was found, by my observation, in a much more secure place — limited access place than that West Wing reception area there. It is still a publicly-trafficked, frequently-trafficked place, but it’s down near the Situation Room right off West Executive [Drive] down below. And normal people — just average people just can’t get in there even with the entry for the Northwest Gate.

At this point, White House reporter Kelly O'Donnell jumps in to provide more details.

O'Donnell says:

They’re saying the West Executive entrance, which as you noted, is closer to the Situation Room and closer to the Navy mess where there’s the facilities for food and so forth. It is also next to West Executive Drive. That’s where, for example, the Vice President’s vehicle is parked.

The key detail

An important point about the area of the White House that is being referred to by Mitchell and O'Donnell is that it is not open to the public. Instead, it is commonly used by administration officials, staff members, and official visitors.

Accordingly, it certainly does not sound as though the area is "heavily trafficked," as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has suggested.

Here's what Jean-Pierre claimed on Wednesday:

What I wanted to be very clear is that this is a heavily, heavily trafficked, heavily traveled, to be more accurate, area of the campus of the White House

The big question remains unanswered

An investigation into the discovery of the cocaine remains ongoing.

The big question that many are asking is whether the cocaine belongs to Hunter Biden, considering his past, self-admitted drug problems. This question remains unanswered at the time of this writing.

The White House, in fact, has been working overtime to squash such an idea. Jean-Pierre, on Friday, upbraided reporters for even making such a suggestion, calling it "incredibly irresponsible."

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