New CNN poll is bad news for Biden

April 8, 2023
Robert Ayers

A new poll indicates that not even the Democrats want President Joe Biden to be reelected in 2024. 

The surprising bit about this is where the poll comes from. It doesn't come from an outlet or a pollster that leans to the political right. Rather, it comes from the leftist outlet CNN.

This is one of those rare situations where a CNN poll actually has some legitimacy. And, it is the outlet's leftward bias - which has been demonstrated time and again - which gives this particular poll its legitimacy.

The simple fact is that, if Biden can't get a favorable poll from CNN, then he must, in reality, be doing really poorly.

Biden 2024?

This poll was conducte by SSRS, on behalf of CNN, during March, between March 1 and March 31. 1,595 "random . . . adults" were surveyed telephone or by an online poll. The final results are said to have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.3 percentage points.

One of the most important findings of the poll is that a majority of Democratic voters want someone other than Biden to be the Democrats' presidential nominee in 2024.

CNN reports:

Among registered voters who are Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents, most (54%) say that they would like to see the Democratic party nominate someone other than Biden in 2024, while 44% say Biden should be the nominee.

Participants, however, did not clearly indicate whom they would like to see replace Biden. Other potential candidates - such as former first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris - only received low, single-digit support.

Accordingly, it would appear that the Democrats are not particularly happy with any of their 2024 candidates.

There's more

The results, however, get even worse for Biden.

CNN reports that "just 32% [of overall participants] say that Biden deserves reelection to the presidency."

The pollster found that "70% say he lacks the stamina and sharpness to serve effectively as president" and that "62% say he does not inspire confidence."

The pollster puts Biden's approval rating at 42%. CNN reports:

His approval ratings for handling immigration (35% approve), the economy (37%), and gun policy (37%) all fall significantly below his overall approval rating. On national security (44% approve) and the US relationship with China (40% approve), his numbers are about the same as his overall approval rating. The only issue on which Biden significantly outperforms his overall standing is environmental policy, and even there, most disapprove (46% approve, 52% disapprove).

The bottom line is that 2024 is not looking too good for Biden.

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