Amy Coney Barrett, other American leaders to be featured in new children’s book series

A new book series for children is looking to combat the leftist indoctrination that characterizes so much of today’s “education.”

Fox Business reports that the series, Heroes of Liberty, will focus on American figures both past and present, including former President Ronald Reagan, economist Thomas Sowell, and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

“Not interested in indoctrinating”

Bethany Mandel, the editor and board member of the Heroes of Liberty series, recently spoke with Fox Business about the project.

“The best children’s books are inevitably the old books because the production value has decreased, along with the messaging,” she told the outlet.

Referring to today’s children’s literature, Mandel said it “is one of those things that people realized this is garbage and indoctrination, but there’s never been an alternative that’s not garbage itself or indoctrination itself.”

That’s where Heroes of Liberty comes in. The series is meant to teach good morals to children using prominent American leaders without any political propaganda. “I’m not interested in indoctrinating children,” Mandel said.

The books are also said to use more complex vocabulary and syntax in order to help children improve their reading skills.

“A positive affirming message”

During the interview, Mandel gave Fox Business some examples of the books in the series. One highlights Justice Barrett.

“It’s a positive affirming message about a woman who reached the pinnacle of her career while having children, while holding steadfast to her faith,” Mandel said, according to Fox Business.

The book on Sowell, Fox Business reports, “tells the story of perseverance and a self-made man, a Black man who grew up in poverty during segregation who nonetheless became an influential public intellectual and the author of dozens of books.”

The series will also include a book on the late conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh. Mandel explained: “Kids are afraid of being offensive. The message in the Rush book is, basically, he spoke his mind and that was a good thing. He was so important that President Barack Obama had to listen.”

Some other Americans who will reportedly be featured in the series are John Wayne, Margaret Thatcher, Mark Twain, Douglas MacArthur, and Alexander Hamilton. The Heroes of Liberty series launched on Nov. 15, and a new book is expected to be released roughly every month.

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