New book reveals Biden hates Fox News, calls it ‘most destructive’ force in America

Thanks to a number of people writing new books and dishing out behind-the-scenes action in the White House, we now know that President Joe Biden has a serious issue with right-leaning Fox News.

Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns, reporters for The New York Times who wrote This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future, revealed that Biden not only despises Fox News, but he also apparently believes it’s “one of the most destructive forces in the United States.”

The book, which will be made available to the public in May, also reveals that Biden is also critical of Fox Corporation founder Rupert Murdoch, Audacy reports.

Echoing his line about the network, Biden reportedly called Murdoch “the most dangerous man in the world.”

What’s in the book?

While the new publication takes a look at a number of political issues related to Biden’s first year in office, it takes a few chapters to get to the part where he apparently spills his rage about Fox News.

In the book, Fox News is described as a “torrent of anti-Biden programming, stoking skepticism about vaccines and disseminating wild conspiracy theories about the January 6 attack.”

The revelations aren’t surprising, but they do provide more context as to why the president was so quick to pounce on Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who he recently called, on a hot mic, a “stupid son of a bi**h.”

A number of other headlines have come as a result of snippets of the book being leaked, including a bombshell revelation that first lady Jill Biden was reportedly extremely skeptical of selecting Kamala Harris as Mr. Biden’s running mate for the 2020 election.

Not surprisingly, the White House, so far, has refused to comment as far as Biden’s personal thoughts on Fox News and its founder.

CNN gets the preview

It shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that it was CNN’s Brian Stelter who was provided the snippets revealing Biden’s thoughts on Fox News. CNN, and every show on the network, are repeatedly battered and beaten in the ratings by Fox News.

Stelter had previously published an anti-Fox News/Trump book in 2020, which quickly faded in popularity.

The bottom line is that Biden hates Fox News because, as the nation has witnessed over the past two years, it’s literally the only mainstream outlet that will ask him questions that don’t revolve around his favorite flavor of ice cream.

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