New book claims NBC’s Chuck Todd failed to disclose financial ties to Dem Sen. Amy Klobuchar

It shouldn’t come as a shock these days, but as it turns out, another member of the mainstream media has been exposed for failing to tell the whole truth.

According to Breitbart, a new book from author Alex Marlow alleges that NBC’s Chuck Todd has once-undisclosed financial ties to current U.S. senator and former Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar (MN).

The connections

Marlow outlines his allegations in Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruptions. The author claims that in 2008, when Todd was working as NBC News’ political director, the journalist struck a deal with then-senatorial candidate Klobuchar to rent his Arlington, Virginia home for $3,200 per month.

The arrangement official made Todd her landlord — a business relationship that would reportedly last for years.

According to the original report on the rent deal from Page Six, it was well known by Washington insiders at the time that Todd had rented the 3,000 square foot, 3.5 bedroom home to Klobuchar and her husband, attorney John Bessler, but for unknown reasons, the transaction wasn’t publicly disclosed.

That lack of official disclosure would reportedly remain in place for years, even as Todd went on to interview Klobuchar on a number of occasions — even sitting as an official moderator during one of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary debates.

The moderators of the NBC-sanctioned debate were widely panned on social media and even by others in the media as being too soft on the Democratic candidates, even as most viewers presumably didn’t know at the time that Todd had legitimate financial ties to Klobuchar.

It runs deep

But in the media world, it isn’t just Todd who has some interesting connections heavy-hitting, high-profile Democrats. In 2017, The Washington Times published a long and shocking report covering the extensive ties that many in today’s left-leaning mainstream media have to politicians at all levels — from junior members of the House to the presidency.

The outlet first pointed to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, who once served in the White House as an adviser to former President Bill Clinton, only to go on to work for ABC and interview former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on a range of campaign issues.

While Stephanopoulos questioned the failed presidential candidate on the hot topics at the time, such as her email server scandal, the Times pointed out that he conveniently failed to mention his staggering $75,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation.

That was simply one of the dozens of reported established connections between the Democratic political establishment and the mainstream media.

With that, no one should be surprised at the number of journalists who seem to be working overtime to protect their — sometimes financial — allies in Washington.

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