New book sounds alarm about Big Tech’s influence within Biden administration

Major technology and social media firms have faced accusations for months that they effectively interfered in last year’s presidential campaign in an effort to boost President Joe Biden’s chances.

Now, a new book lays out evidence that the president has apparently rewarded those efforts by selecting a number of former Big Tech executives and allies to hold key positions on his transition team and within his administration.

“Revolving door”

According to Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, collusion between government, media, and tech giants is rampant and the bias runs deeper than most Americans might realize.

In his bookBreaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption, the author detailed the Biden administration’s decision to grant several former Facebook board members to fill advisory positions following the election.

Among them was Jeff Zients, who would go on to be named the Biden administration’s COVID-19 czar.

Marlow described a “revolving door” between the federal government and companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, among others. He expressed particular concern about the placement of ex-tech execs to national security positions and the possible impact on the privacy of American citizens.

Of course, he is not alone in denouncing the perceived connection between the Biden administration and Big Tech. His book cited one Reuters report from December that highlighted some of the top executives and allies who have transitioned to Biden’s team.

“Hand in glove”

That report hinted at a “stealth” effort by tech firms to “influence” the fledgling administration, thus garnering more favorable policies regarding Silicon Valley.

Reporters further noted that even though major corporations could not openly align with the administration, some of them had been quietly advising the president-elect to suggest key allies for prominent positions in the executive branch.

An anonymous source claimed that the ultimate goal was to sway the policy direction of the Biden administration away from mounting calls to break up major corporations.

A similar report earlier this year suggested a mutually beneficial relationship between the incoming president and Big Tech companies that had aided in his electoral win.

At the time, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) insisted that “the fact that top executives at Big Tech are planning to work for a potential Biden administration is just more evidence that Big Tech works hand in glove with the Democratic Party.”

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