New Biden admin email gives behind-the-scenes look at a massive immigration contract

The Washington Examiner has just revealed the contents of Biden administration emails regarding massive government contracts to provide housing for illegal immigrants. 

The emails were first obtained by the American Accountability Foundation. The group secured the emails through a Freedom of Information Act request that goes back to 2021.

The contracts

Reports about the contracts came in April of 2021. At the time, the Washington Examiner reported:

An organization with ties to the Biden administration was awarded a $530 million no-bid federal contract to care for unaccompanied migrant children after they have come across the southern border . . .

This was one of two “no-bid” deals that the Biden administration, at the time, gave to Family Endeavors, a Texas-based nonprofit, in order to take steps to provide illegal immigrants will housing. The contracts, altogether, amounted to over $600 million.

At the time, the deals were called into question for several reasons.

One is that the organization is tied to the Biden administration, according to the Examiner, through its senior director for migrant services federal affairs, who “vetted and selected President Joe Biden’s political appointees to the Department of Health and Human Services [HHS].”

The other main reason the deal was called into question was that Endeavors had no experience doing what the contract asked them to do. Previously, the biggest government contract that it ever received was under $2 million.

The emails

According to the Examiner, the newly-obtained emails show that HHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas “privately voiced concern” about awarding the contract to First Endeavors.

The outlet reports:

The two emails show that on April 14, 2021, DHS Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Marsha Espinosa sent Mayorkas an email that included a news story that questioned the legality of a $530 million contract to house immigrant children at the border.

According to the Examiner, it took Mayorkas less than two minutes to respond.

The outlet continues:

Less than two minutes after Espinosa sent Mayorkas and five other DHS employees the email, Mayorkas responded: “We need to inquire of Contracting/Management to determine whether principles and rules were followed scrupulously.”

What of it?

What these emails show is that critics had good reason to be skeptical of the Biden administration awarding these no-bid contracts to Endeavors because even Mayorkas was skeptical about it.

As AAF Founder Tom Jones put it:

The email from the Secretary underscores that even he knew this contract was highly suspect and likely subject to inappropriate influence. Further, it seems to underscore his ignorance of this important contract and that he was concerned that people within his agency were awarding multi-tens of million dollar contracts without the top leadership of the agency signing off.

It’s all very problematic, to say the least.

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