Nevada GOP is confident Trump can turn state ‘red’ again

In 2016, Nevada went blue and voted for Hillary Clinton.

In 2018, the state once again went the Democrat way, but the Nevada GOP is confident Donald Trump and the party will be able to turn the state red again in 2020.

Still a Battleground

Even though Nevada has been trending blue, both the GOP and the Trump campaign believe they can get this state back to a true battleground state and maybe even turn it red again.

The Nevada GOP plans on hammering the economy narrative home, as it drives this state more than any other in the country.

The entire economy of Nevada is based on people having “fun money.” Without it, hotel rooms are empty, golf courses are nothing but parks, and the casino floors are quiet.

With the economy booming, however, the fortunes in Vegas have turned. The state now enjoys a thriving economy along with the lowest unemployment rate it has seen in more than a decade.

Turn it Red

With all of that in mind, the Trump campaign plans on hitting Nevada particularly hard during the campaign season.

Jeremy Hughes, the local RNC director, stated, “When the nation’s economy does well, Nevada does well. This town is built on tourism, and I think you’re seeing a  booming economy lift all ships here.”

In addition to the economy, Trump’s rising support among Hispanic voters gives the campaign hope it can turn this state red again.

Depending upon the poll, Trump’s approval rating is somewhere between 30 and 50% in this demographic. Even on the low end of that scale, it is an impressive number for a conservative.

Overall, state Democrats have a 4% advantage over Republicans, but the more than 23% independent and undecided voters are a good target for GOP strategists.  The RNC plans on hitting the ground hard in Nevada, something the Trump campaign failed to do in 2016.

With a good economy and a much better ground game, Trump will hopefully be able to put Nevada’s electoral votes on his side of the tally sheet.

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